Monday, February 12, 2007

EB Logo Print

One night, I am thinking about the shipping details of the EB Series print #12 by Wes Wilson and I am realizing that there are no more stickers with the Expresso Beans logo on them to pack with it. I had to find something to replace those stickers. So, I poured my glass full of a favorite spirit and went to work.

I will be the first to say that this is not a very detailed print. I could not afford to spend a week designing and carving something elaborate. The objective was to promote the company, not myself. Not too mention, the star of the show is Wes Wilson and that is where the focus needed to be.

To make things interesting I decided to use the 19th century copy press I acquired over a year ago for the first time.

The usual drawing and carving of the block took place over the next hour or two. I had to resist the urge to embellish it with lots of goodness, but I couldn't resist carving a pattern around the logo instead of leaving dead space.

After the carving was finished I grabbed a tube of screen printing ink and diluted it a little in water. Then for each print, I used a hake brush to paint the ink over the block. I was careful not to repeat the stroke or intensity on each print to force the bold uniqueness across the lot. Even in placing the paper over the block for printing, the position was randomized.

The printing took a few hours and a couple more glasses. Near the end, I had to resist the urge to get another glass or maybe I would not be able to sleep that night. 70 prints does not seem like a big number, but when one considers having to cut paper to size, paint and place the block, aligned the paper, screw down the press which was a bit in need of grease, unscrew the press, remove the block, peal off the print; it turns to work after the first few.

Before long I was looking for space to put them to dry. The prints consumed every horizontal surface in the room.

It felt pretty good when they were done. At the end of the night I went downstairs in right into bed.

So yeah, these were 7x7 giveaway prints. After much thought, they were signed. Oh how I dislike signing anything. It was just an insert print and I was afraid that signing them would make it more than what it is supposed to be. For that same reason, they were not numbered or EB registered.
It was a fun job. I hope at least one person that gets it will tack it up somewhere because they like Expresso Beans.

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