Monday, December 7, 2009

Hellsing GIMPS Team

Join the Hellsing team, summon your beasts, and together we can find the greatest Mersenne prime number hidden in the darkness of the night.


The GIMPS project is a collection of volunteers world wide who allow their computers to run a program in the back ground or when they are not using it to assist in finding the largest unknown prime number. You might even win some cash if you find one.

Install the Software

To get started, go to the main GIMPS site at and install the software. They have versions for Linux, Windows and OSX.

Join the Hellsing team

Login your account at and, on the side bar, click join team. The quickest way to find the team would be to use the browser's find option (ctrl f) and search for Hellsing. Then click to join the team on the right side of the page and then your computer does the rest.

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